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The Caribbean is second only to sub-Saharan Africa in HIV & AIDS prevalence. Jamaica, the largest island in the English speaking Caribbean island has however been relentless in its efforts to stem the spread of the disease and in 2007 estimated that approximately 1.3% of the adult Jamaican population was infected with two-thirds being unaware of their status. Behavioural surveillance is part of the Ministry of Health’s ongoing efforts. This report documents the results of the 2008 National Knowledge, Attitude, Behavior and Practices (KABP) survey conducted among adults 15-49 years in the general public. This survey is conducted every 3-4 years as part of the behavioural surveillance conducted for HIV/AIDS in Jamaica in which global and country specific behavioural indicators and intervention efforts are monitored. This 2008 survey was commissioned under the Caribbean Social Marketing Programme for HIV & AIDS Prevention (CARISMA) programme funded by PANCAP and its partner, the German Development Bank (KfW).