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5 May 2021

International Day of the Midwife Message - Alison Drayton

Midwives play a very important role in our society. Through their phenomenal work, they protect the life of women and newborns daily and contribute to the wellness and survival of our population. Their work must be...

28 August 2020

GUYANA: #SpotlightENDViolence - Spotlight Initiative to be launched

Curtailing gender based violence, teenage pregnancy, poverty reduction among vulnerable groups and creating initiatives to empower women

25 August 2020

Infection Prevention and Control Considerations for Maternity Settings in the times of COVID-19: A conversation with Caribbean Midwives

Dr. Pilar de la corte Molina delivers at webinar on overview of Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) measures in the COVID-19 Pandemic



Spotlight Catalogue of Services Image
The Catalogue of Services acts as a resource guide for victims and survivors of gender...
The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) is the Sexual and Reproductive Health and...

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