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Earlier this year UNFPA in Triniada and Tobage engaged in an information session with members of its Youth Advisory group. UNFPA, Liaison Officer, Aurora Noguera-Ramkissoon, facilitated the session educating directors on UNFPA’s mandate, core areas of work and its three strategic priority areas: 

  1. End Gender-Based Violence and harmful practices
  2. End the unmet need for family planning and 
  3. End preventable maternal death. 

Noguera-Ramkissoon also highlighted that addressing adolescent pregnancy and data are among UNFPA’s UNFPA’s key priorities for Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean overall.  This session provided executives with the knowledge required to plan and execute projects aligned with UNFPA’s goals. 

During the information session, former co-chairs of the YAG also engaged this seven (7) member team in a strategic planning session. Here the directors learnt about the significance of strategic planning and planning tools like S.W.O.T. analysis. With their new skills, they received the opportunity to employ them on the YAG. Directors were tasked with developing a strategic plan of action for the YAG after outlining the S.W.O.T. 

‘This session was engaging and interactive, I appreciated learning more about the UNFPA and more importantly, how we, as the voice of the youth, can impact the UNFPA’s goals and events and in turn, be empowered to be community advocates for sexual and reproductive health’  noted Bernice Antoine, newly elected co-chair of the YAG.

The session also used an opportunity for a new executive for the YAG to be elected. 
After three years of service, former co-chairs; Kimberly Gilbert and Nikoli Edwards passed the baton to the new executives. However, not without fully equipping them for the responsibilities of their new roles.