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UNFPA in partnership with UNDP, UNEP, FAO, and government entities is supporting the development of a National Roadmap for a Sustainable Financial System, to realize national development and climate change objectives through a joint project (JP). The system will re-orient the flow of international and local resources toward more inclusive and gender-responsive sustainable actions. The Suriname Sustainable Financing roadmap towards this sustainable financing mechanism will be the output under this JP and from this will stem the Suriname Sustainable Financing Mechanism. This outcome is aligned with Suriname’s national environmental law which was approved on March 26, 2020. The law establishes the structure and hierarchy of environmental policy in Suriname and how it should be implemented by independent management institutions, with their resources. 

In March, the Launch of the gender analysis for the national roadmap was presented to various stakeholders. Currently UNFPA is gathering information from both financial and environmental institutions to inform the gender analysis. The results of this analysis will also be of great importance to the next phase of the project which will focus on strengthening the capacity and creating an inclusive environment for real participation of women and young people in the decision making processes of the project. UNFPA’s participation in this program ensures that no one, especially youngsters and women, is left behind.