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The collective effort of the Ministry of Home Affairs, The Planning Office of Suriname, and the Statistical Bureau of Suriname with the technical and financial assistance from The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) resulted in the National Population Policy 2021-2040 that was launched on the 10th of May in the presence of members of the council of ministers, representatives from Parliament, government officials, and civil society. As part of formulating the National Population Policy of Suriname, a population situation analysis was conducted to ensure that the policy is people-centered and evidence-based. 

UNFPA supports censuses, data collection, and analyses, essential for development planning. More needs to be done to ensure a world in which all individuals can exercise their fundamental human rights, including those that relate to the most intimate and fundamental aspects of life, and that's why UNFPA supports initiatives such as these. 

The National Population Policy is based on Suriname's legislative framework and international obligations. During the launch on May 10, 2022, light was shed on the aspect of migration as part of the National Population Policy. The launch was the first of a series of sessions that will be held to create awareness of the policy and to  discuss the topics of the Population Policy. The Minister of Home Affairs, Bronto Somohardjo, emphasized the importance of having an integrated sustainable development policy based on human rights, gender, and climate change. He underlined that leaving no one behind is a principle that needs to be incorporated into policy. 

This National Population Policy is purposed to design people-centered and evidence-based policies. This policy will serve as a guide for the government of Suriname to achieve sustainable development for all, with special attention to the elderly, youth, the working population, and migrants among other themes. 

Mrs. Michele Jules, Policy Advisor of the Ministry of Home Affairs presenting the Population Policy.

Member of Parliament Soewarto Moestadja speaking during the launch.