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Antigua and Barbuda is situated at the north of the Leeward Islands chain in the Eastern Caribbean. The nation of Antigua and Barbuda comprises the islands Antigua and Barbuda, and the uninhabited island of Redonda.

Antigua, the larger of the two main islands, extends for 280 km2, while Barbuda has an area of 160 km2. The terrain is mainly low–lying. The country is divided into six parishes and has a good network of roads. The country is situated in the hurricane zone, and is also subject to earthquakes and droughts.

Located at the center of the Eastern Caribbean's Leeward Islands group, the country is 440 km2 in area, with Antigua occupying 64% of the land mass and containing 98% of the population. Antigua and Barbuda has a population of 83, 278, where, according to the 2012 Population Census, the male/female ration is 100:108.