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Emergency Contraception Brochure

<p>Emergency contraceptives are used to help keep a woman from getting pregnant after she has had sex without using&nbsp; contraception or if the method failed. You can use an emergency contraceptive if you...

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Women are not Property Poster

<p>Everyone woman, regardless of her status, has the right to say no and to mean it.&nbsp;</p>

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Family Planning Posters

<p>Information for Men and Women&nbsp;</p>

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STI Protection Brochure

<p>HIV Prevention Programme&nbsp;</p>

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2012 Let's End Sexual Violence in Belize

<p>There are many types of sexual violence as it encompasses a range of offenses, including:</p> <ul> <li>Completed non-consensual sex act (i.e. rape),</li> <li>Attempted non-...

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